How to choose a chair in the living room

By tradition, the living room combines leisure furniture with one that carries a functional load. For this reason, armchairs and sofas are an integral attribute of any living room. They provide a comfortable stay, often equipped with a lower storage box.
The most traditional are soft wireframe options. This type has a fairly rich tradition, and is deservedly loved by most adherents of classical styles or antique imitation.
Very close to them, but endowed with additional functions, are folding models of chairs in the living room.
Recliners are a newer invention, but they can be called an ideal option for choosing a chair in the living room.
Rocking chairs, this is a favorite option for those who prefer to combine a comfortable stay with a calming effect. Measuring swaying helps relieve nervous tension, stress, and effectively fight insomnia. There are classic rocking chairs with runners and those equipped with pendulum mechanisms.

General criteria for choosing a chair for the living room

The first thing that determines the stability and quality of the chair is its frame. It is he who requires the most careful choice:
Wood beam. Most often, it forms the basis of high-grade furniture of an average or higher price category. Coniferous species are mainly used. They are loved for the availability of material with very good performance properties. The materials are well dried, impregnated with antiseptics and other protective compounds. This ensures the absence of rot, bug and other "surprises". It has a long service life;
Furniture plywood. Often sidewalls or small parts are often made from it, not bearing the main role in the distribution of load. It is made by gluing sheet wood veneer to the desired thickness. To impart adhesion, the entire formation is pressed;
Metal. A very common option. This is due to high strength, ductility and resistance to mechanical damage. Even in frames made of other materials, all fasteners are exclusively metal. Use metals resistant to corrosion or treat with protective agents, lubricants;
Wood boards. Material copes well with loads. But, the main condition is no contact with water. Otherwise, a strong plate will begin to crumble very quickly, delaminate and swell. In this regard, MDF or varnished board types are more resistant.

There are a lot of types of upholstery. When choosing, you have to start from beauty or durability:
Velours. Stunningly beautiful material with a pleasant to the touch pile. But prone to abrasion. Not particularly fond of wet cleansing. Although, at the same time, he keeps his shape pretty well. Stretched during operation is negligible;
Flock. It can be based on a woven or synthetic basis (leatherette). All this is covered with nylon pile using a special technology. The flocks of recent generations are stronger than their predecessors. The material allows you to apply a drawing of any degree of complexity. Afraid of aggressive cleaning products and abrasives. Low quality will provoke accelerated "baldness";
Jacquard. Material with centuries-old traditions. The threads are interlaced in a non-standard way with a combination of matte and silk. The result is a two-sided drawing with a volume effect. Very beautiful, durable. But, he is afraid of contact with sharp objects, as he is prone to puffs. A more modern relative of this fabric, scotchguard, is recommended. Outwardly, it is very similar, but it has a special impregnation that allows repelling water or dirt. An anti-claw effect also appears;
Chenil. Alternating natural and synthetic twisted yarns. The thread that is made from synthetics has a loose, fleecy structure. The material looks beautiful, soft, durable enough. A disadvantage is the tendency to damage or rupture of individual threads;
Eco leather. Synthetic material with high performance properties close to genuine leather. Soft, with a beautiful pattern. Tactilely pleasant. It keeps its shape perfectly, does not deform. The only negative is the instability to mechanical stress. The surface is easily covered with scratches, which are very difficult to hide. Requires careful attitude, gentle leaving;
Genuine Leather. Solid material. There are several varieties that differ in the quality of the dressing, softness. It does not absorb moisture, is easy to clean, and does not absorb pollutants. Allows you to create beautiful draperies. More scratch resistant, but still be careful.

The most preferred filler is molded polyurethane foam. Along with it sheet foam is used. The budget segment provides for the use of felt, padding polyester, fiber. Expanded polystyrene (foam balls) is standardly used for frameless chairs. It can be combined with sintepuh.

Selection rules
The main criteria for choosing a chair include:
Convenience. You should be comfortable;
Harmony with the rest of the interior. Optimal to buy furniture with a headset;
The size should correspond to the meter. A massive recliner in a small room will look bulky and ridiculous;
Workmanship. Do not be too lazy to feel the seams. Press the seat, checking the quality of the filler. You can ask the seller to show certificates if there are doubts about the quality or origin of the furniture.

Types of styles
The silhouette and many characteristics of a chair for a living room depend on the style:
Provence. Armchairs are made wide but low. The back is rarely above the middle of the back. Standard on legs, contrasting upholstery;
Colonial style. Armchairs are very massive, impressive, breathing wealth and solidity. Office chairs for directors, recliners and all varieties of chairs with a high back and leather upholstery will perfectly fit;
Rococo, baroque. Low chairs with fancy silhouettes. Bent legs, an abundance of decor, the most sophisticated fabrics for upholstery. The shapes are very diverse. Popular chairs for two (similar to a miniature sofa);
Classic. The usual silhouette of a standard soft chair frame type. Minimum sharp corners. The upholstery is elegant, but without the pomp of palace styles. The decor is moderate. Classics provides a combination of style and taste;
English style. The back is high, rounded, with lateral support. Bent legs and medium-hard fit. Such a chair will become a true decoration of a room equipped with a fireplace. Rocking chairs are very common.

The chair in the interior of the living room is an excellent companion of the sofa, harmoniously constituting a single whole with it. If the size of the living room is modest and the footage does not allow you to roam, then the chairs perfectly replace the sofa. At the same time, the quality of rest will not suffer at all. Many models transform and allow you to lie.